thinking about returning this book

Even the author says that advances are being made to Android rapidly.  This book was published 2 years ago, and it seems really out of date for the current Android Studio.  I sent in an errata to try and find out what the deal is with an import the author tells us to use that isn't recognized by the studio....

The author also has you use an android version API that isn't even available on the new studio.

I have a feeling that import is out of date, or the intention was to type it in and then just put it back to the way it was, but it's really frustrating to think that maybe this book is just too out of date.

I'm going to wait to see if I get a response in the next couple days, then I might just go to the library and see if they have a newer book on Android Studio. And then this one is being returned. I'll update.

I have a strong feeling, that although some of the things in the book are out of date, it would still work for someone with a more powerful computer.   I don't want to say the book is no good without knowing for sure.  I can't find out on this computer, it fails a lot with eclipse and android studio.  It just doesn't have the capability to execute the programs properly.  

After I get done with the course I'm starting, and I have possession of a better computer I will try again.  But for now, that book is being shelved.  Going to see if eclipse is less dysfunctional with android studio removed.  


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