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Setting up the Javascript Experiment part 3: the Search

Where ya been Nellie?

I had the code working and written up for this part of the blog for a bit now, but wanted it incorporated into the finished app so the readers can see it in action before looking over the code.

Image: screenshot of Favorite Fonts Chingu prework project.  Much like google fonts catalog page, it will allow you to surf through, search through, and play with different fonts available through the google fonts API.

The full github repo:

Try it out!

The reason:

Once I had the search algorithms worked out, there wasn't a whole lot of modification that needed to be done to work it into the javascript file for my favorite fonts project.  And since I had played with it and worked it thoroughly in the Experiment, I could see where different elements of the project needed to be included and modified to make the search work with the larger go…

Setting up the JavaScript Experiment, Part 2

What we did first:

What's Next:

Now we need to start setting up a search algorithm.  The user will type into the Search input and look for a matching word/string.   For this part, we are only going to get it finding strings who's first letters match and giving us back a list of those matches in the console with console.log.
You can see what the log is doing if you go to your developer tools in the browser and opening up the tab for console.   Pictured below is what those steps are with Chrome.  On firefox they are very similar steps.

Step 1:  find the tools
Usually in the top right corner next to the address bar

Step 2:  Open web development in the list,  In chrome, it is linked to the first menu's "more tools" list item.  Image: The open tools, with the drop menus for 'more tools' and 'development tools' selected.

Step 3: Select the Developer tools and the extra ana…

Setting up a Javascript experiment.

Setting up a JavaScript Experiment

Whenever I do an experiment for JavaScript, I set up an html file, and a javascript file.
*The css file is just because I want it to be pretty, totally optional, but don't go overboard it isn't necessary for the experiment*

Pictured below is the current project I'm working on, and I need to figure out how the 'Search' input works in google fonts.  I'm not going to be able to duplicate what google does to make this happen, so I need to find a way to do it myself.  I'm clueless as I write this, but that is where the experiment comes in.

With Python, I'd run all the experiments in the command prompt / powershell / terminal.  Python does what it's gonna do in the system, that is where the process is run.  *Let's ignore Django exists yeah?

Javascript on the other hand will have different reactions in a Browser, because the browser carries out it's own rules and interpretation of the code then the terminal would.…