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javascript class state localstorage

I've been working with my Chingu project a ton, and haven't posted recent experiments, so as I was working on figuring something out today, I kept in mind to share the experiment on blogger.

picture:  the html page in 'start' state.  'START' is text in the main div which is green.   Below that div is a shorter div with the next color that will appear, which is yellow. The top of the page says:  Make something happen here: below that is a button that says: "CHANGE PAGE STATE".  video of process in action box changes from text: start, background-color: green,  to middle/yellow, to end/red.

I start off like I do the other javascript experiments,
Make a folder on desktop (anyname):
in anyname folder,  I make a JavaScript file, and a HTML file. (optional css file)
*This one also has a small css file to just give it some shape*

Now when I want to test how my files are interacting and running,  I go to my anyname folder, double click the HTML file,  and my …

parenting, learning, and code

A parent, is apparent is a parent.

First let me say that I know every situation is unique, and we are human.  Situations can be so massively diverse, that what I say in this post may only apply a tiny bit, if at all.  We all have singular experiences and nothing can be truly universal, especially when it comes to parenting.

Now it's not just one human experience.
It's another, one (or more) that a parent is exclusively responsible for.  Especially a single/only parent.

I don't want to say that having a co-parent makes things easier, but.... IT DOES. 
I don't want to say that being an only/single parent is harder, but .... IT IS.

Me and my siblings were raised by a single parent.  Me and my sister are single/only parents currently.

Maybe jealousy has a hand in this.  I see two parent's handling problems, and everyday challenges with their child(ren) and I want so badly to have a person to shoulder that with me.  But again, there are so so many variances.  I…