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So just like with the minecraft modding project,  I have the necessary files downloaded and extracted, but eclipse can't locate the stuff I need in the JAR files, or it doesn't recognize the JAR files I need to add to my library.  Apparently the DIYjava.jar is missing, or eclipse can't read it,  something.... I have no idea why I can't use the things this DIYjava.jar is supposed to provide according to the book.  And apparently no one else on the great wide web has this issue either.

So I am stuck again, because all the coding in this section of the book requires that DIY stuff to work.

I'd rather just write the code out myself anyways, But I'd really like to figure out what the problem is to know what the heck I'm doing wrong.

Decided to remove Mcaffee and see if it's the culprit.  Will edit and update.

So after I uninstalled Mcaffee and restarted the computer, the touchpad on my laptop refused to click on things I wanted it too.... after a little pa…

Oh for goodness sakes

Ok, so I have followed the instructions for Eclipse to make a Hello World program....  I got to page 15 of Do-It-Yourself Java Gaming, and I'm supposed to make a Superclass with the 'new java class' creator.... Problem is the DIY type item I'm supposed to use for it is not there....  So I tried extracting the DIYjava.jar file,  I tried googling what I might have missed.... Tempted just to write it out myself instead of the class creator writing it for me, but I have a feeling these DIY things I'm supposed to be using will be throughout the book....  CRAP.

My amazing sibling would say it's not the computers fault, It only does what it's told.... But it feels like this machine is trying to sabotage me.  It hates me.  BAH.  I'll return to edit this if I figure out what the problem is now.

The next post (Arggg) explains what I went through to get it to work.  Just FYI,  I am not really sure what I did to make the JAR files I needed appear where I needed th…

starting from scratch

After much frustration in trying to use the new versions of Forge, Eclipse, and Minecraft (1.12) to learn how to make mods, I decided I'm missing some key knowledge that is keeping me from moving forward.

I ordered a book, (Do-It-Yourself Java Games; by Annette Godtland) to learn Java.  I'm going to go through that for a bit and see if I pick up the information my silly brain is missing to get through the tutorials on how to make Minecraft mods.

Besides, I don't want to just put the puzzle pieces in,  I want to create the puzzle. The set ups have already been done for Java and Eclipse when I failed to set up for the minecraft mods.  So here it goes. Time to learn some Java.

Hello World. Here I come.

Starting Java

I started learning Java through, but it didn't seem to me that I was really learning it.  More like I was just putting the puzzle pieces together that the prompts gave me.  I want to actually understand it, and be able to write original code that accomplishes something.

My next step was to try and make minecraft mods for my nephew and son.  Most of the YouTube videos make it seem like you can just download Eclipse, Forge, and Minecraft and start creating.  I had a terrible time trying to get these files where they needed to be, and couldn't seem to find the JAR files in the minecraft folder I needed to load into the new program creator in Eclipse.

So now, I am trying to download a mod I'd enjoy, (  I have no official computer training, although I did complete Zed Shaws course, (Learn Python The Hard Way)  and got a real good base understanding of how code works.  It's free if you …