Oh for goodness sakes

Ok, so I have followed the instructions for Eclipse to make a Hello World program....  I got to page 15 of Do-It-Yourself Java Gaming, and I'm supposed to make a Superclass with the 'new java class' creator.... Problem is the DIY type item I'm supposed to use for it is not there....  So I tried extracting the DIYjava.jar file,  I tried googling what I might have missed.... Tempted just to write it out myself instead of the class creator writing it for me, but I have a feeling these DIY things I'm supposed to be using will be throughout the book....  CRAP.

My amazing sibling would say it's not the computers fault, It only does what it's told.... But it feels like this machine is trying to sabotage me.  It hates me.  BAH.  I'll return to edit this if I figure out what the problem is now.

The next post (Arggg) explains what I went through to get it to work.  Just FYI,  I am not really sure what I did to make the JAR files I needed appear where I needed them....


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