Starting Java

I started learning Java through, but it didn't seem to me that I was really learning it.  More like I was just putting the puzzle pieces together that the prompts gave me.  I want to actually understand it, and be able to write original code that accomplishes something.

My next step was to try and make minecraft mods for my nephew and son.  Most of the YouTube videos make it seem like you can just download Eclipse, Forge, and Minecraft and start creating.  I had a terrible time trying to get these files where they needed to be, and couldn't seem to find the JAR files in the minecraft folder I needed to load into the new program creator in Eclipse.

So now, I am trying to download a mod I'd enjoy, (  I have no official computer training, although I did complete Zed Shaws course, (Learn Python The Hard Way)  and got a real good base understanding of how code works.  It's free if you click through the right links, and totally worth it for beginners.

So for today, since I got completely frustrated and no where with the (Eclipse, Minecraft, Forge) route, I am going to try and get the dalek mod downloaded and dissect it by looking at it.  If I can write out the Java code without Eclipse, at least I am a step closer to making something on Java.

I am doing this on a Windows 10, Dell laptop, which is really slow and a pain for internet surfing and the touchpad mouse can be a real pain to do any drop and dragging with.  But, if anything, I'll learn the hard way, which seems to be my lot in life.

So far, I downloaded the dalek-mod, and tried to open it, but it seems there is reason you can't just open something like that.  I'm a newbie.  Just trying to figure it out.  So I went to my command prompt and did a 'cd desktop'  then dir to see the JAR file listed.  Now I wanted to open it to see it's contents, so next I googled how to look at the file.  and this command, (jar tf "nameOfTheJarFile")  printed off the contents.  There was SOOO much.  I really want to start simple and expand.  Like just make a new block that the boys can use in Minecraft and expand to new territory from there.  Kind of like starting off with Hello World.  Start small and build from there. So back to the drawing board.  Off to youtube to look for some tutorials.


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