So just like with the minecraft modding project,  I have the necessary files downloaded and extracted, but eclipse can't locate the stuff I need in the JAR files, or it doesn't recognize the JAR files I need to add to my library.  Apparently the DIYjava.jar is missing, or eclipse can't read it,  something.... I have no idea why I can't use the things this DIYjava.jar is supposed to provide according to the book.  And apparently no one else on the great wide web has this issue either.

So I am stuck again, because all the coding in this section of the book requires that DIY stuff to work.

I'd rather just write the code out myself anyways, But I'd really like to figure out what the problem is to know what the heck I'm doing wrong.

Decided to remove Mcaffee and see if it's the culprit.  Will edit and update.

So after I uninstalled Mcaffee and restarted the computer, the touchpad on my laptop refused to click on things I wanted it too.... after a little panic, and trying to system restore, which I couldn't because my touchpad would not allow me to click on things,  I plugged in an external mouse, which likewise would not click on things I wanted it to.

I force shut down my computer, and after starting it back up the mouse began to work.

I deleted and re downloaded the file the book said I required,  and still no sign of the DIYWindow file I needed, but the download was bigger by 6K.  So still no sign of figuring out why I can't find the stuff I need.....  Time to study for my CA drivers license test... Figure this out later.

Ok, I didn't study for the drivers test yet.  It was driving me mad.  I must have deleted and restarted the eclipse java project 10 x  trying to make it work.

I even went into command prompt and cd to the jar file ,  then looked at the jar file in the command prompt to make sure the DIYWindow material was there.   It was......

So on the 11th try,  I restarted the java project,  Selected 'Use an execution environment JRE:'  instead of what the book said, which was 'default JRE'  and went to library and added the external JAR  DIY..... created the package, and selected the create class button.  This time it was there when I created the superclass as an option in the superclass Selection..... I have no idea what I did different that it appeared this time.  I can't imagine that changing that simple thing (not using default, and specifying the JavaSE-1.8).

I wish the author had explained more.  Once again I am just putting the puzzle pieces together instead of making the puzzle.


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