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Python, a map, and a maze

Python terminal maze
So I was browsing the Learn Code the Hard Way Forum and came across the concept of making a map of x y coordinates, and realized I've never actually attempted something of that nature.

So,  I fired up that Visual Studio Code ,  and had at it. 
I'm trying to figure out why I've never attempted it before.  I think I might have just decided I wasn't ready for it and skipped on to less complicated things,  but today I really could see the fun in making a maze.  While running this prompt, for screen readers, to turn off the ascii just comment out the print_ascii() calls before and in the while loop.

*The ascii map as imaged above may not print pretty in your command/terminal if the font is not the same as mine.  Change it however you want.*

There are a ton of things you could modify and change.  For example, adding a system clear screen so that the map and instructions only appear at the top.
You could add ascii colors, or shapes with ascii codes.
You c…