java testing a boolean method

Ok, I'm still a ways from done on CrazyEights, and I got sidetracked wondering how the if statement works on a Boolean.   So I made up this little test to check if a Boolean is false or true.

Not sure what purpose it will serve yet, but I wanted it.

private int testing(boolean method) {
  int test = 1;

  if(method) {
   test = 0;

  System.out.println("testing method:  " + test);
  return test;

I have encountered yet another gameplay issue.  If an invalid card is entered, but it is a card in your hand,  It is removing it.....  I only have one method that removes my cards, and it is not executing, so I need to find out why it is removing the cards from my hand.

I'm pretty sure the card is being removed in this function.... But HOW!!!

The problem was in my Hands class.  For some crazy reason I had this function removing the card if it was found.  When the isValidPlay(); was running, it was checking if the card was in my hand, and this function was removing it.

public boolean contains(Card card) {
   int index = 0;
   boolean contains = false;
   System.out.println(" Hands.contains is executing");
   while(!contains && index < cards.size()) {
    Card compareCard = cards.get(index);
    if(compareCard.equals(card)) {
     contains = true;
    else {
   return contains;


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