Eclipse renaming classes already being used by another package

I still don't know if it's just my computer, or a bug in my eclipse.  Screen shot on bottom.

Eclipse doesn't like it when you rename a java project/class that is being used in another project/class.

I deleted the old project to try and fix the bugs I was getting, but it still told me that the path for that class didn't exist even after renaming, and renaming them all in the main file I was trying to run.

What I had to do to fix it:

After I got the new name by deleting the old java project, and creating a new one with the new name:
(and renaming the class) (I just copied and pasted the it into a newly created java project)

I had to right click the main file I was running, and go to properties:
Go to java build path
Go to projects
Remove all references to the missing project from the list
Add the newly named project to that list.

Hope this helps!


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