it's been a long time python.

I'm realizing I might not have time to experiment outside of my online course,  I know we're not supposed to compare ourselves to our piers in the class, but I am quite certain that these folks are way ahead of me.  I'll catch up, but it means not being able to do a lot of experimenting on the side.

Oh, and python has changed in 5 years, but I totally forgot how easy it is too read.  Especially after experimenting with other languages. 

My old blog had some stuff I did in python, maybe I'll reblog some of that here.  Undecided.

Problem of the day:

I downloaded and installed python 3.6, but powershell still was using the old 2.7. 
this reveals your version:

PS C:\Users\sarah> python

I had to uninstall 3.6, reinstall it, make sure it was making a path for me(click on the box in the options when it opens the exe), I also had it install for all users.... even though I'm the only one,  to make sure it did the install in administrative mode, and restart the computer.


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