starting an online course soon

So, I'm a fan of the way Zed Shaw teaches programming,  and I found out he's doing a junior development certificate course.  I will be starting that soon, but I hope to keep posting things I learn as I go, but I think all the work is protected, so I'll be posting other things I work on as I'm doing that.

I can share all I want,  but I think I'll just share stuff I find interesting or fun, or helpful in some way to someone who stumbles across my blog.

Hopefully I don't need an actual working program like eclipse to do his course.  I guess if I do, I'll have to wipe the ones I got and load what we're using in the course.  My sibling has offered me a different computer if need be.  That'll probably be what I have to do. 


excited and scared all at the same time!  Got a lot of the setup done for the course.  I did end up deleting the android studio to get things going.  Discord was trying to load into the atom files for some reason,  (thinking because there was limited space for it to download).   Anyhoo, can't wait to start!  


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