renamed a text ID, now I have to find the original one and delete it

So here's my first big problem.  I entered an invalid name for my ID, the text box, and saved it before I realized what I did....  I renamed it to one that was correct, but the builder is still trying to use the old ID....  Trying to locate it and take it out is proving to be a monumental task.  Not much help on google.  I will update if I find it so if anyone else has this issue they have an answer.

I am going to just start the project brand new,  and come back to that error later.  It is unacceptable that this happens, and I need to find how to fix it (because once you have hours put into something, there is no way you're going to want to redo it all) , but later.


I think my computer is too slow and low memory to run any of the android studio.  It can't even build the pre-built Hello World that is created when you start a new program.... now it's saying my virtual device is not working.... Seriously.  My amazing sibling already did something to fix the speed of android studio itself, (modifying the amount of memory it allocates to run)  but the mock device needs 2 G of space too... I only have 4 on my computer.  Thinking of scraping this and trying something else.


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