UTF8 not in my powershell

Someone in my class figured out how to fix it in powershell.  The font you use, dictates what will translate.   I don't have a font that will translate it all, but some of them do a bit of each. 
open your powershell, right click on the title bar where it says 'Powershell (x86)' or whichever,
change the font in Properties.  COOL BEANS.

problem of the day:

#1      Cannot load PSReadline module.  Console is running without PSReadline.

I'm trying to set the encoding in powershell to UTF8, but nothing is working.  Maybe another case of my computer not liking to cooperate. "so far over my head, I think the moon can see it."

Another link I looked at:
the picture is a snip of what happened when I tried to run the exercise in PowerShell ISE (x86)

I hate skipping something, but I can't stay stuck on this, especially if it's my computer,  In another week or so I'll have one that works, and this may not be an issue anymore.

I found a link that has a solution, but it's not working.


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