jdcp is changed, nosetests are hard.

We found out the other day that because of some (I'm assuming silly and over regulated) legal things zed can't offer us a certificate for the course,  But I would have done it regardless.  I want to learn, and in this course I'm learning. 

I had a hell of a time getting nosetests to run.  Had to do it different then zed has us do. Now I can use it, still don't care for it, but I can use it.  I still think I like unittest better, but there's another one he said to check out.  Might try that one out later.

Here's how I got my nosetests to run my test file.

I can make it work this way with other tests,  not sure why I can't do it zeds way.  But like I said, I have no love for nosetests anyways.  And I like to run the program and see for myself what it's doing.  Even if I did run the nosetest, I would still want to see the results, not just if it passed a test.


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