Example of a python method with a while loop and args.

Came up with this little diddy. don't know why the Tabs disappeared when I copied it.

Fixed it.   I like doing these,  they help me learn.

def loopyloop(T_or_F, arg, some_number):
print("Method loopyloop is executing.")

while T_or_F:
print(f"This will not run if T_or_F is False.")
print(f"If T_or_F is True, this will run continuously,until I make it False.")
print(f" arguement = {arg} .")

if some_number >= 0:
print("My number is greater then 0. I can change the value,")
print(" of the number in this if block. I can change any of my args.")
print("changing the some_number to make the esle block execute.")
some_number = -1
print("changing the arg in the if block.")
arg = "It's all wibbly wobley timey whimey stuff."
print("I am not changing the T_or_F because I want it to continue running.")

if some_number == -1:
print("second 'if' statement. You can have a million if's, and if every one of them is true, they will all execute.")
some_number = 'Run you clever man.'

elif some_number == 'Run you clever man.':
print("Did this 'elif' execute after I changed the some_number in the if block?")
# it will not execute if the preeceding if blocks ran.

#print("This is changing arg outside of the (if-elif) block")
#arg = "Weeping angels are terrifing."

#else block only runs if all preceeding (if - elif) blocks fail to run
print("Else block is executing.")
arg = "Would you like a jelly belly?"
print("This is outside the if and else, but still inside the while.")
print("While will check at the end to see if my T_or_F is 'True' or 'False'")
print("If I do not make it false, it will run until the system errors out... hopefully.")
print("Are the arguements still changed ?")
print(f"arg = {arg}")
print (f"some_number = {some_number}")
print("Ending the while loop:")
T_or_F = False
print("will this print?")

loopyloop(True, "Matt Smith", 11)


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