eclipse doesn't like my imports

Besides eclipse not helping me figure out what's wrong with my {},  it also doesn't like to recognize imports from   I save it, close it, close eclipse, open it all back up, and it tends to recognize them after that.
Not sure if saving the workspace is changing the way the paths are running....
I can't find the reason it's doing this on google.

If I figure it out, or anyone knows why, feel free to comment and let me know.

There are mistakes all over that I keep having to find the hard, long way round.  I really wish Annette Godtland would have put the full completed code in the back instead of the snippets from each part of the lesson.

I guess learning the hard way will teach me more, but sometimes its just really infuriating to think I've done what she told me, just to find out I did something wrong along the lines.


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