easy now

Now that Eclipse has recognized, and found the JAR files, it's easy peasy.  I'm debating deleting and reloading the whole bit and see if the same issue arises.  Then I can check each step to see where the problem was.

If the problem was the Mcaffee security however, I won't be reloading that crap back on my computer, so no way to test that.

I'm not against Mcaffee for people who need such a program.  Sure use it.  But in my humble opinion if uninstalling a program makes components (that without it's instillation would be fine on their own) of your computer crash, or become dysfunctional, then it is a bad program.

I may be paranoid, but I think it's a malicious bug purposefully put in the program to make you think your computer can not operate properly with out it.

I had a similar issue with Norton Anti-Virus a long long time ago.  After uninstalling it, a different program was left behind to constantly tell the user that the computer was going to stall and die without Norton.  Not surprisingly, that program was actually harder to remove the Norton itself.(several components needed to be uninstalled instead of one and their names were not obvious.)

End of rant.  

I've been over what I did to get eclipse to find the diyjava.jar,  and the only steps I can think of, that might have led to success, include:
Letting the computer decide where to save and run the JAR file instead of putting it in the files I wanted it in.
Making sure copies of the JAR file where not only in the workspace folder, but in the same directory as Eclipse.
changing from 'default JRE'  to the JavaSE-1.8.

I just tried to create a new project and see if I could get the JAR .... Eclipse is setting up the project in a different way now.  A little frustrating.  I must be doing something weird.... Switched to the minecraft_mod workspace I created, and was able to load all the JARs I needed...

I'm going to just code and not try to figure it out.  I don't have enough knowledge to figure this out yet.

Time to speed through the boring stuff to get to the fun stuff at the end of the book. :)


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