DIY java hearts

I am discovering that I am not very good at reading explicit instructions....  another reason I suck at baking sweets, and another reason I always felt bad for the kids at Hogwarts in potions class.
Something new I really need to focus on, because from what I've learned so far about coding, it requires a great deal of doing things in a precise order, and in a precise way.
I can do this.

Give me a skillet, stove top or a steak and it's instinctual to me, implicit. Cook it until it stops bleeding. Boil it too long and it will be crap.  Make it tastes how you'd want it to taste. Never trust a skinny cook(unless they eat like a starving hyena (lucky sons-o-jackolaterns eat whatever they want and never have to pay for it)). Tell me to bake a cake from scratch, I might get a surge of anxiety.

I did all right in chemistry classes... I never blew the class up doing it wrong.... But then again it's not like the experiments involved anything so volatile that this was possible.

Ok.  Just thought I'd throw something random into the bloggy mix.  If you're learning this stuff like me, it's good to follow what they say in the books, or on the website, precisely and not try to shortcut through it even if you understand and just want to hurry and have something cool to show off to your 10 year old.  Also, I realized I totally forgot how to play Hearts, and that was part of why I was so baffled as to what she was doing with the code.  It helps to understand.  Google is awesome.

My 10 year old doesn't like my cake, but he thought Hangman was pretty cool!


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