ubuntu on older CPU freezes _crash_

Update 6-23-18:
I may have been very wrong.  On the suggestion of my sister, I opened up the casing of the alienware and blew out the 5 years of dust collected in it...
So far no crashes.... No fans going nuts... no wierdness... Dust... dust bunnies were most likely  cause of all these issues. Simplest explanation is most likely the right one.

######### original ##########

Ok, so I'm trying to figure out why my computer refuses to shutdown, or recognize the keyboard or mouse if I plug the mouse in after it boots up.

It may or may not have anything to do with the mouse.
It has crashed on me before where I could not shutdown without either pulling the power supply or holding the power button.

Not sure why this stuff keeps happening on my computers other then they are old (in alienware case) or weak(in the laptop case), and the newest Operating systems may not be compatible with them.

I imagine when new operating systems are designed and built, they do not consider older or weaker machines.

It makes sense.  I don't like it, but it makes sense.  Most people using newer techs are going to have newer computers, or stronger computers.

And well if you can't afford such things, you must not belong to the club.
I may be a bit grumpy today.

It does look like there are OS like lubuntu that you should/can use on older or weaker machines.

So here's some searches, and links.....

ubuntu forums: searched for: (computer freezes after I plug mouse in)


ask ubuntu: how to shut off my computer without a mouse


ask ubuntu: can I install the newest ubuntu on my old machine?



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