testing list comprehension, iteration fail

I added a few lines for testing, to try and sauce out what the hell the computer is doing to lock up,
Just by adding these tools, it made it possible for me to CTRL C on my laptop easier,  I won't try anymore on my alienware, I've had to force shut it down too many times, I don't want to wreck it.
I have a theory that python is eating up memory and processing so fast that CTRL^C can't stop it easily.  Maybe that's why the laptop is easier to stop?  It's slow ass anyways?  The alienware is faster and more memory though...

Wish I knew what the hell this is,  I mean, I know it's an infinite loop, but it's just a damn string, isn't it?  ... Is it the for loop in the list maker that is storing up the mem?  I'll do more tests and try to update what I find. 

Here's a couple of pictures,  if anyone could tell me why that stupid little itertooly I made is eating up the CPU space/process so bad I'd love to know. 
---  Nellie smashes CTRL C like an orangutan yelling 'NOOOO !!!  STOPPP!!!'-----


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