website thinking static

I gave up on my django droplet. 

I have a feeling my laptop is partly to blame for not getting anything to work as it should on the server; that and I really started to lean toward doing a static web page anyways. 

I need more education on Django/servers and static I'm sure.

I could make a Django/Flask app work on my computer, but could not get the droplet to cooperate.  My domain name never linked up like it was supposed to, and I could not get a runserver to work with a new Django project.
And I did the google tricks to get it to run on the host server port for my droplet, my computer and/or firefox  would just spin and contemplate where or what it was looking at.  Couldn't even get a screen with an error.

It's a set of files ...  I mean what is it that Flask and Django do for you? 
I'm going to try and figure this out, and update.
Seems to me you could just load an HTML to the domain name. 
I wonder how godaddy lets you access the domain?
Research time.
Really want to do something with


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