PS4 stronger than my PC?

So I don't have any computer science degree.
My son tonight suggested I use the PS4 instead of my laptop, if the laptop got ruined, and well...

Why not?

It looks like it's pretty impossible to hack.
But it leads me to a lot of questions.
It runs amazing amounts of data for graphics, and although a vast majority is not memory; (it's either online transfer of data, or disc transfer).
I wonder, if there are mobile hard drives capable of Terra-Bytes of data, why is this not a thing?  Or even plugging a memory stick in, and using that to process data from coding experiments instead of the CPU hard drive? 

Would it be so hard to make something like that possible?

step 1) Download coding shell that runs on the memory of the inserted ISB device...
step 2) Insert USB
step 3) coding shell detects available memory
step 4) download compatible code editor
step 5) write code
step 6) system runs code in that shell, in that memory
step 7) if inserted USB becomes overloaded, Shell shuts down, transmit insuffecient memory message, reformat, erase USB memory.
* wouldn't this be nice for security and well... NOT crashing your CPU like I've done? 

Anyways, still getting things worked out.  Hope to be crashing Hal sometime soon so I can tell you all about it.


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